High quality appearance combined with functionality
Not only do our finishes look good, they also provide protection

We daily coat plastic parts in large and small batches daily for many well-known manufacturers with innovative and specially developed paint systems of the highest quality.

Desired properties such as high scratch and abrasion resistance are considered, as well as an elegant appearance. The degree of gloss of the component or surface is influenced by modification of the protective coating. Accordingly, we produce surfaces from high gloss to semi-matt to matt.

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Painting with chrome effect paints

The PVD alternative for matt surfaces

For different applications, we coat plastics with our chrome effect paints with 1-3 coats. This results in semi-matt, metallic surfaces.

The three layer version is comparable to PVD technology in terms of expense and cost. The component is first primed with a base coat, which makes it smoother. In the second step, the coloured intermediate layer is applied. In order to produce the metallic shine, the intermediate layer is often based on pigments from comminuted PVD particles, which must be applied with a layer thickness of only a few microns. Subsequently, a top coat is applied, which protects the colour layer.

With our chrome effect coatings developed over the years, we produce high quality semi-matt, metallic-like surfaces on plastic parts.

  • The result depends on the number of layers (1-3 layers of paint)
  • High quality & durable surfaces comparable to PVD technology
  • Suitable for almost all materials, partial coating or masking possible
  • Individual colour nuances

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Piano lacquer
High gloss on plastic surfaces

The term piano lacquer once characterised abrasive lacquers that were especially popular in the 19th century. Today, piano lacquer refers to glossy, mostly black surfaces.

Injection moulded parts made of highly polished components with perfect surfaces are particularly suitable as starting components. 1-3 layer paint systems are used, depending on the visual and mechanical requirements. For example, a black basecoat + a high gloss clear coat, which serves as scratch protection is possible and it also creates more depth effect.

We specialise in the processing of high quality and special effect coatings on demanding surfaces. Our portfolio ranges from the processing of thermosetting paints to mono and dual cure UV coating systems of the latest generation. Of course, we use paints from different manufacturers that are perfectly matched to the respective customer specifications and applications.

High demands are placed on tool and injection moulding, since due to the degree of gloss, the smallest defects are immediately visible. In addition to the injection mould, cleanliness during production is one of the most important criteria throughout the entire process..

We produce components with a piano lacquer look in the cleanroom, from development through mould design to serial production.

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  • Consideration of the entire process chain

  • Plant park and infrastructure designed for complex paint systems

  • Trained and sensitized employees

  • Cleanliness during the entire process

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