Ultra-Short-Stroke-Keypad with Integrated Metal Dome


Ultra-Short-Stroke-Keypad with Integrated Metal Dome 

Project Definition 

  • Push buttons with very short actuation travel
  • Homogeneous illumination of each button
  • Multiple buttons within one keypad
  • Reduced cost compared to micro switch
  • Precise actuation tactility 


  • Silicone rubber keypad 
  • Metal dome assembly WITHOUT use of glue 


  • Metal dome feeling – mechanical switch
  • Stroke of switch <0.6mm
  • Click rate > 50%
  • Functionality of silicone rubber given:
    - Sealing
    - light guide
    - light barrier
    - tolerance compensation
    - Low cost
  • No SMD / tac-switch,
  • Assembly of metal domes WITHOUT glue
  • LED window position in centre of key
  • Life cycle > 1Mio cycles
  • Stroke can be extended
  • Snap can be reduced
  • Other domes made to custom specifications are possible 
Company details 
  • One-stop-shop from tooling simulation through to finished parts.
  • Long standing application & process knowledge
  • TS16949, ISO14001 

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