Silmade® NCVM PVD-Coating on a Remote Car Key


Silmade® NCVM PVD-Coating on a Remote Car Key 


  • Development of a coating system comprising of 
    - Silmade-PVD Coating in Chrome look 
    - Electrically non-conductive NCVM (non-conductive vacuum metallisation) 
    - UV-Clear-coat with highest scratch resistance 
  • Masking of the non-coated areas of the part 
  • Tooling simulation and fill studies 
  • Construction of the injection tool 
  • Innovative jigs, masks & equipment concept for economic production 
  • Precise und reproducible process chain 
  • Fine tuning and optimisation of the assembly interfaces, especially the leather cladding. 

Project Definition 

  • A work of art is only complete when even the smallest detail leaves an impression. 
  • To belong to a luxury car a key must, of course, have looks and feel which reflect the value of the car - perfect in function, design and construction (EI). 
  • The key includes 
    - partial chrome surfaces 
    - the highest requirements in terms of appearance and technical functionality, like 
    - high durability, 
    - highest scratch, abrasion and 
    Chemical resistance 
  • Not least, the requirement of a so-called NCVM – an electrically non-conductive chrome surface. 

Company details

  • One-stop-shop from tooling simulation through to finished parts. 
  • Long standing application & process knowledge 

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