Silicone keymat with hard keys in Day & Night Design


Silicone keymat with hard keys in Day & Night Design


  • Silicone keypad with hard keys in Day & Night Design 
  • Force-Travel Specification 
  • Contact reliability 
  • Contact resistance 
  • Fool-proof assembly 
  • Lighting specification 
  • Limited space requirements 
  • Life-test specification 
  • Consistent tactile feel from -40 to +80°C 


  • Silicone keypad with integrated light guide 
  • Optimal light throughput achieved by polished surfaces 
  • Contact assurance through 2 parallel, specially shaped carbon pills 
  • Press-fit hard keys with Day & Night design 
    - Improved light output & light shielding 
    - Easy Disassembly for recycling 
  • Groove for correct positioning during assembly 
  • Sprayed key tops & laser etching 

 Company Details

  • One-stop-shop from tooling simulation through to finished parts. 
  • Long standing application & process knowledge 
  • TS16949, ISO14001 

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