Scratch-Resistant Coating on High Gloss Surfaces


Scratch-Resistant Coating on High Gloss Surfaces

Project Definition

Design surfaces in high-gloss are in fashion. Whether a deep black, a flashy flame red or a Silmade-PVD metallic surface, such as Siloptics-Chrome or Siloptics-Titanium, they all need to be protected against wear. Above all, the focus of efforts is the protection against scratching and abrasion of the glossy finishes. This is especially true of the demanding surfaces, particularly in the industries of automotive, consumer, white goods and Life Science. 

Requirements of High Gloss Surfaces

  • Above-average scratch and abrasion resistance 
  • High-quality appearance by means of high transparency 
  • Exceptionally good resistance to chemicals and weathering 
  • Various plastic substrates e.g. PC, PA 
  • Protection of highly transparent or colored injection-molded parts, painted or coated with Silmade PVD surfaces 
  • 2D- and 3D- Geometries 


Use of the latest generation mono and dual-cure UV paint systems, applied by the most modern coating equipment. 

In addition, the systems used allow for improved environmental performance by reducing VOC and an increase in productivity through reduced cycle times. 

Rigorous process control and 100% final inspection of the components guarantees the highest quality of products. 

Company details

  • One-stop-shop from tooling simulation through to finished parts. 
  • Long standing application & process knowledge 
  • TS16949, ISO14001 

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