PVD Coating on Splinter-proof Decorative Ring & Emblem


PVD Coating on Splinter-proof Decorative Ring & Emblem 

Project Definition 

  • No splinter formation allowed due to airbag firing 
  • Decorative Ring for airbag cover 
    - Abrasion resistant 
    - Resistant to cleaning agents 
    - Good adhesion of complete system 
    - Climatic cycle test, hydrolysis 
    - Hand cream resistant 
  • Chrome-6 free chrome finish meeting requirements (3Q7/2ZZ/High gloss chrome . . . ) Reach compliant 
  • High quality 
  • Temperature range from -40 to +85°C 
  • Weldable 
  • Tests according to TL226; DBL7384; GS 97xxx 


  • Special thermoplastic material 
  • Chrome-6 free, real-metal PVD nano-coating, therefore no shattering and sharp edges through airbag firing 
  • Development of new lacquer systems 
  • Fully automatic applications of lacquer layers via highly accurate dosing units 
  • Innovative jigs and machine concepts to realise economic production 
  • Precise and reproducible process chain 

Company details

  • One-stop-shop from tooling simulation through to finished parts. 
  • Long standing application & process knowledge 
  • TS16949, ISO14001 

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