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One cannot emphasize this enough: Nowadays enormous demands are placed on surfaces - even complex three-dimensional geometries are used for decoration and must produce certain optical effects.

At the same time, the surfaces should gleam with special functions: be frictionless or electrically conductive, dirt-repellent, resistant to environmental influences and abrasion etc. - and everything in both heat and cold, of course.

Due to the innovative solutions from Silcos the excellent properties of silicone are optimally utilised and developed for additional applications - thus the ‘wonder material’ constantly finds new application possibilities.

Our coatings protect from abrasion and a variety of chemicals. The mechanical properties are almost constant over a very wide temperature range.

Coating of conductive silicone moulded parts from LSR/HTV e.g. for the operation of capacitive touch screens.

Flexible and malleable
Its high elasticity and low compression set make silicone perfect for control panels, from silicone keypads to complete user interface in 3D.

The coatings are biocompatible according to standard ISO 10993. That means they were tested for cytotoxicity (cell damage), sensitisation and skin irritation. Some coatings are additionally certified to USP Class VI and thus have no acute systemic toxicity. In addition, the surfaces can be sterilized using current methods.