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Silicone keypads are used to – either directly or indirectly – carry out a “switch function” with an underlying circuit board or another circuit carrier. In the meantime, silicone keypads have become indispensable, for example, in entertainment electronics and telecommunications.


  • Inexpensive
  • Durable
  • Reliable
  • Hardly any limits as regards form & colour

Types of silicone keypads

  • Customer specific keypads (printed or non-printed / with or without background illumination) with optimum tactility, high friction resistance and long life out of solid (HTV) and liquid silicone (LSR and/or LIM).
  • P+R (plastic and rubber keypad) technology: Here, hard plastic caps are mounted on silicone keypads – far reaching design possibilities!

INNOVATION: Silicone keypads with integrated metal snap domes – the 'microswitch' is integrated into the silicone keymat.