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In many branches, surfaces with a metallic appearance are much in demand. Silcos has the perfect response: Physical vapour deposition (PVD) – decorative and functional technology for attaching wafer-thin metal layers to a wide variety of plastics and even flexible materials.

Characteristics of PVD surfaces:

  • Environmentally Friendly
    PVD produces neither emissions nor waste - the only materials used are REACH compliant.
  • Flexible and shatterproof
    Because of the flexibility of the materials PVD is suitable for many, even soft, materials – e.g. for safety-related components such as decorative elements on the airbag covers. 
  • Day-Night Design
    Any backlit characters and symbols are achieved by laser etching – e.g. for switch applications.
  • Luminous
    With partially transparent PVD coatings metallic surfaces can be illuminated (dead front or secret-til-lit effect).
  • Variable conductivity
    The electrical conductivity of PVD coatings is adjustable. Thereby, radar and radio-transparent through to shielding surfaces are produced.
  • Visually attractive metal surfaces
    As an alternative to electroplating and anodized surfaces immaculate metal surfaces can be created by means of PVD. Adjustable gloss and colour creates a variety of looks.