Decorative surfaces on silicone

Today, surfaces of silicone mouldings are subject to demanding tasks – also, complex three dimensional geometriesare used for decoration, which need to have certain visual properties.
At the same time the surfaces must fulfil specific functions: be slippery or electrically conductive, dirt repellent, resistant to environmental influences and abrasion, etc. - all in hot and cold conditions of course.

We offer you both – visually high quality design surfaces combined with functional properties. From painting and PVD metallisation to day/night design to closed user interfaces, the possibilities are almost unlimited.
We have significantly expanded the range of use of silicone mouldings and are happy to develop tailor-made design silicone surfaces with added value for you.

In addition to the visual and functional surface modification, our range of services also includes the pretreatment of the silicone surface. As part of the pre-treatment, undesirable basic properties of silicone such as the low surface energy and the high coefficient of friction are reduced. By reducing these properties, we achieve better adhesion between the silicone part and the coating - the parts become highly abrasion resistant and long lasting.

Our experts will be happy to answer any questions you may have about the surface design and surface modification of your silicone components.

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Possible properties after surface modification and design:

  • Flexible and stretchable

  • Matt, semi-matt or high gloss
  • Metallic chrome look, REACH compliant
  • Closed user interface
  • Backlighting
  • Resistant to chemicals and temperature fluctuations

  • Biocompatible according to ISO 10993 standard

  • High scratch and abrasion resistance

  • Anti-static

Surface pretreatment of your silicone components

Silicone surfaces have a low surface energy, which is why paints and lacquers usually do not adhere well. By means of a special pre-treatment or activation of the silicone mouldings, we resolve this drawback and provide the basis for a durable coating.


In order to improve the adhesion of coatings on silicone surfaces, we increase the surface energy of the components by an activation process. Bonds on the silicone surface are broken down and functional oxygen groups are formed. The result is particularly good adhesion of paints, adhesives and other coatings on the component surface.
We offer you the following activation procedures:

  • Flame treatment

  • Corona

  • Plasma

  • Painting with primer


Silicone is known for its strong dust retention properties. We meet this problem
with an anti-static surface modification of the moulded parts. This prevents the static charge of the component surface.
The result is a clean surface that does not attract dust or other particles.

We offer you the following options for functionalising the interface:

  • Friction reduction

  • Anti-static

  • Increasing the surface energy

Silicone mouldings as a visual highlight

We paint each component according to individual customer specifications and give each part its own individuality with a special finish. From high gloss to semi-matt, there are no limits to your wishes.

The basis for a perfect result in surface coating is the combination of proprietary activation and the matching flexible paint system.

As a result, you get durable components with an above average scratch and abrasion resistance.

All coatings and surface finishes are REACH compliant and, depending on the application, also biocompatible according to ISO 10993.

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Day/night design
Visual highlights on silicone surfaces

With the aid of plain and special effect lacquers, impressive visual highlights such as the day/night design can also be achieved on flexible silicone surfaces. The quality of the subsequent refinement of the moulding depends on this, because only a perfect surface guarantees a perfect coating.
That is why at Silcos we invest considerable know-how in our mould making.

The paint is applied onto the silicone moulding. Then we partially remove the previously applied paint layer, so that the component can be backlit later. As a finish, we apply a top coat, which determines the degree of gloss (from high gloss to semi-matt). The paint is resistant to abrasion and scratching and guarantees the longevity of the component.

The result is a component that is backlit (at night) and has a different design than when it is illuminated by ambient light (during the day).

Our team of experts is always available for individual questions on the application of the day/night design on your silicone components.
- we look forward to hearing from you.

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Convincing features of the day/night design:

  • Design highlights

  • High quality look

  • Full scope of functions

  • Exposing special areas using laser techniques

Closed user interface
No chance for dust and dirt

We deliver components with modern design, unique feel and perfect function.
Our closed user interfaces in 3D silicone, for example, are impermeable to dust and dirt while impressing with a high quality design.

The easy-to-clean surfaces are convincing in their nature:

  • Low dirt and dust adhesion

  • Impermeability

  • High wear resistance

  • Scratch resistance

  • 3D geometries

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Tailor-made surface solutions
Silicone surfaces with function

The application areas of silicone today are very diverse. Therefore, we offer different options for surface modification and coating of silicone parts.

In addition to anti-static, we have developed innovative methods for modifying component surfaces with Silmade® Low Friction and Silmade® SilkFeel coating. The Silmade® Low Friction coating, for example, reduces the coefficient of friction of the surface by up to 70%, while the elasticity is largely retained.

We have significantly expanded the range of use of silicone mouldings and are happy to develop tailor made design silicone surfaces with added value.

The material silicone is constantly finding new uses by means of this.

  • Resistance (against abrasion and chemicals, at high and low temperatures)

  • Conductivity (coating of conductive silicone mouldings made of LSR / HTV)

  • Flexible and stretchable (high elasticity and low compression set, perfect for control panels)

  • Biocompatible (according to ISO 10993 standard)

Which function do you want? Ask one of our experts.

Static charge of the surface prevented

Silicone is very susceptible to static charge and is considered a real “dust attractor”. By rubbing the silicone components together within the packaging, and with the packaging (e.g., polybags), the surfaces of the components become statically charged. The consequence of this is the adhesion of dust and dirt and the adhesion of very small and light parts to each other, making the components harder to handle.

By means of a surface modification we reduce the friction of the components with each other. The result is a clean surface that does not attract dust or other particles.

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Friction reduction
Elimination of undesired properties

The material silicone is known for strong dust attraction and a high coefficient of friction. Due to the high coefficient of friction, silicone, for example, feels uncomfortable on the skin.

Silcos solves this problem with the proprietary developments Silmade® Low Friction and Silmade® SilkFeel:

Silmade® Low Friction
Reduced coefficient of friction on silicone surfaces

Silicone is valued and used because of its properties such as its high elasticity - at both high and low temperatures. However, the high coefficient of friction of the material silicone (COF) often causes problems. Previous coating methods for friction coefficient reduction had a negative effect on the flexibility of the silicone part.

The solution to this problem is the Silmade® Low Friction coating.

  • Coefficient of friction reduced by up to 70%
  • High scratch and abrasion resistance
  • Certified according to DIN ISO 10993-5 and DIN ISO 10993-10
  • Highly flexible and elastic

The Silmade® Low Friction coating is a polyurethane based finish that has greatly reduced friction and yet is highly flexible. 3D mouldings that are coated with the Silmade® Low Friction process are particularly durable thanks to their high scratch and abrasion resistance.

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Silmade® SilkFeel
Silky smooth coating on
silicone mouldings

Silicone is suitable for the use in numerous medical devices. The material has ideal material properties such as high elasticity and temperature stability as well as a low content of volatile organic compounds (VOC). Silicone is harmless to health and is therefore often used for products that come into contact with the skin, such as wound dressings, patches or respiratory masks. However, the surface often feels “tacky” and dust quickly sticks to it. Due to the high surface friction, the wearer can feel the contact of the silicone with the skin is unpleasant and it can lead to skin redness.

The Silmade® SilkFeel coating is the answer to this problem.

  • Biocompatible according to ISO 10993
  • Reduction of sliding friction by 50%
  • Colouring possible
  • Environmentally compatible with BFR Section XV food contact regulations

The Silmade® SilkFeel coating creates a smooth and supple surface. The coating is applied to a clean silicone surface by a spray process. This makes the contact with the skin more pleasant, the surface does not get so dirty and it is easier to clean.

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