Optimum support in your project

We accompany you atetchingd to theofmade of silicon each project step

We are your all round solution: In every project phase you can rely on our many years of experience. Either we have the right solution or we develop it. On request, from feasibility studies to design and tooling, through final finishing, we take on every step in the manufacture of your finished silicone components.

Decide for yourself, in which phase your silicone component will be managed by Silcos.
We take care of every project step and support our customers from and in all phases of development as well as throughout the entire production cycle.

Find out here how we support you

Find out here how we support you in the project.
Trust our years of experience at every project step!

  1. 1. Design & tooling
    3D design and mould making
    We have in-house 3D CAD design for creating virtual models.

    Let your projects take shape

  2. 2. Injection moulding
    Custom mouldings

    We manufacture customised silicone mouldings for you with a variety of injection moulding processes.

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  3. 3. Mass production
    From the idea to series production!

    Maximum quality standards during all phases of series production as well as throughout the product life cycle.

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  4. 4. Finishes
    Perfect look and feel combined!

    High quality design and functional applications combined in a series production product.

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Injection mouldings from Silcos:

  • Made to measure silicone mouldings
  • Complex & technically sophisticated geometries
  • Solid (HTV) and liquid silicone (LSR or LIM)
  • Many years of experience and wide ranging know-how


Silicone parts by injection moulding

We also produce sophisticated components

We produce silicone mouldings in series. Complex geometries or sophisticated designs are no problem for us, rather they are part of our everyday routine.

We inject silicone parts using the LIM process (Liquid Injection Moulding) with liquid silicone rubber (Liquid Silicone Rubber = LSR), including multi-component parts with thermoplastics. In the LIM process, in contrast to conventional thermoplastic injection moulding, the molten silicone is not injected into the mould, but fed cold to the mould and vulcanised at 180-200°C. Due to the high degree of automation, this method is ideal for large quantities.

We also produce parts from HTV solid silicone rubber by compression or injection moulding. This method is mainly used for small to medium quantities. It is also ideal for difficult to automate process sequences and geometries.

By using different manufacturing processes, we can realise every complicated and technically demanding component.

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Comparison of production processes of silicone parts

  HTV compression molding
LSR compression
Machine + tooling costs
Tooling life time
Tooling tead time
Degree of production automation
Combination with contact resistance pills or metal domes
Appearance (e.g. multi colour)
Manuel rework (e.g. de-flash)
Design freedom co-molding parts (2K)
Multicomponent technology
Machine required
HTV compression
molding machine

LSR injection machine
Handling system
Material supply system
PROS very flexible
Tooling costs and leadtime

Grade of production automation

CONS no. of manual processes
lower daily output of parts

High tooling costs
expensive if yearly demands of parts are low

Surface finishing for silicone mouldings

Functionality and exceptional design.
Visual highlights and functional surfaces: We are constantly developing our silicone finishes further, making us a key innovation pioneer in this industry.

Visual surface refinement

Painting and PVD metallisation of silicone mouldings

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Functional surfaces

High quality surface modification for a wide variety of requirements. Friction reduction, anti-static and silk-feel surfaces.

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Printing and etching

Durable and high quality pad printing, screen printing, digital printing and laser etching, directly on silicone.

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From tooling to mass production - Your ideas take shape with us

Design & tooling
Design and construction of virtual models

We have in-house 3D CAD design for creating virtual models - the basis for optimum product design

  • Tooling
  • Fixtures for the surface finishing processes
  • Competences by our application engineers
  • Modern analysis and simulation tools

In this way we have already realised countless ideas for our customers –
functional, high quality and economical.

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Mass production- highest quality in series
innovative processes
reliable and reproducible

We act as a system provider and carry assemblies from the task to the prototype to series production.

  • Many years of experience and know-how in mass production
  • Maximum quality standards
  • Integrated continuous improvement process (CIP)
  • Regular verifications of the entire process chain

We support our customers in all phases of the development of mass production as well as during the entire product life cycle. This means: From silicone moulding to flexible light guides, we are always at your side with our many years of experience and extensive know-how.

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