Manufacture of silicone mouldings with functional and decorative surface refinement

We produce silicone mouldings in series. Our oatings combine high quality design and functional applications.
With our wide ranging design & services spectrum, we deliver finished parts from a single source.

Silicone mouldings series production

We produce customised and sophisticated silicone mouldings by injection moulding. Silicone mouldings

Silicone mouldings

Decorative surface refinement

Painting and decorative surface coating of silicone mouldings. Decorative coatings

Decorative refinement

Functional surfaces

High quality surface modification for a wide variety of requirements. Friction reduction, anti-static and silk-feel surfaces.

Functional coatings

Printing & etching

Durable and high quality pad printing, screen printing, digital printing and laser etching, directly on silicone.

Printing & etching

Silcos is your complete solution provider for silicone and surfaces
The entire value chain - from the silicone mould to the finished component


Before the project

Our team of experts will be at your side with advice and assistance starting from before the actual production of your silicone component. Our advice is based on the expertise of experienced specialists and the prudence of professionals.

From the task assignment, to the prototype to the finished silicone component.

  • Consultancy services

  • Feasibility studies

  • Prototypes

  • Development and simulation

  • Mass production

Development of new components

In the project

In every project phase you can rely on our many years of experience. From the design to the creation of the moulding to the final surface treatment, the production of your silicone components can be completely taken on by us.

You decide at which stage of development we manage your moulding.

  • Design and tooling

  • Injection moulding of silicone parts

  • Mass production

  • Refinements and surface treatments

To the project steps

All-round service

Reliability and service are not catchwords for us, rather they are corporate values that are based on practical requirements. We support you in every project phase with excellent service, which is adapted to your individual requirements. You can rely on us.

Reliably in good hands before, during and after production.

  • IATF-16949-certified
  • Project management

  • Quality assurance

  • Logistics

Silcos all-round service

Surfaces on silicone
Silicone surfaces with added value

Today, surfaces of silicone mouldings are subject to demanding tasks - even complex three dimensional geometries are used for decoration, which need to have certain visual properties.

At the same time the surfaces must fulfil specific functions: be slippery or electrically conductive, dirt repellent, resistant to environmental influences and abrasion, etc. - all in hot and cold conditions of course.

We offer you both – oisually high quality design surfaces combined with functional properties. From painting and PVD metallisation to day/night design to closed user interfaces, the possibilities are almost unlimited.

To the surface solutions on silicone

Printing and etching
Perfect finish on silicone surfaces

In addition to the desired properties and functions of a silicone surface, the design also plays a major role.  With different methods, which are adapted to the silicone part, we produce visually high quality surfaces. Our portfolio ranges from pad printing to screen and digital printing to laser etching

We also offer you a combination of different processes. This results in a variety of products - all from a single source.

Flexible light guides
Luminous highlights on silicone bodies

Luminous surfaces play a significant role in modern decorative and informational surfaces such as in vehicle interiors. Due to complex geometries or lack of space, developers are constantly faced with challenges in the implementation of design requirements.

With the iloptics® Flexilight we have developed a novel solution concept for flat light guides in confined spaces..

For the new development, we have used the positive properties of the material silicone and optimised it for the application by means of specially developed manufacturing processes and surface treatments.

The Siloptics® Flexilightis particularly suitable for applications that require flexible or soft optical fibres due to movement or the required impact protection. As silicone does not turn yellow and can withstand higher temperatures than for example polycarbonate, the Flexilight is also ideal for applications with high temperature requirements.

More about Siloptics® Flexilight

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