Molded silicone parts for optical applications

From the light simulation to the finished product

The widespread use of LED technology has driven new material innovations

First and foremost, new, highly transparent silicone materials allow the production of optical elements such as sensors, optics and light guides from this flexible and temperature-resistant material. Requirements such as a large temperature range and excellent optical clarity with increased UV resistance are met by optical moulded parts made of silicone.

The advantages of silicone moulded parts in optical applications:

  • Optical clarity of glass with less weight than thermoplastics or glass 
  • Long-term temperature range up to 150°C
  • Flexible at low temperatures down to -50°C
  • UV stable - no yellowing of the components
  • Better transmission, haze and scattering properties (dispersion) than comparable plastic materials such as PC, PMMA.
  • High resistance to chemicals and atmospheric effects
  • Flexibility

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An example of an application made from a combination of flexible light guides made from highly transparent silicone; Our technology platform Siloptics Flexilight shows a reflector and decorated diffuser including surface decoration.

Your advantages of optical applications made of silicone

Silicone materials allow extensive and individual application possibilities. Last but not least, the silicone materials allow the production of complex, very precise geometries and microstructures.

In applications with limited space or at high temperatures through high-performance LEDs or xenon lamps, silicone shows its strengths to the full.

Silcos offers the entire value chain from design support including light simulation, through toolmaking to mass production.

For optical applications with additional processing steps such as:

  • Shading of certain areas of the optical components
  • Decoration by means of printing, spray painting or PVD coatings
  • Protection against dirt adhesion on the secondary optics

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Silicone moulded parts
Production & finishing

We produce serial silicone molded parts. Complex geometries or sophisticated designs are not a problem for us, but everyday life.

  • Made-to-measure silicone molded parts
  • Complex & technically demanding geometries
  • Solid (HTV) and liquid silicone (LSR respectively LIM)
  • Many years of experience & broad Know-how

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Mass production - highest quality over & over
innovative processes
reliable and reproducible

We act as a system provider and lead assemblies from the task to the prototype to mass production.

  • many years of experience and know-how in serial production
  • maximum quality standards
  • integrated continuous improvement process (CIP)
  • regular verifications of the entire process chain

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