Before the implementation of your project, we are here for you!

Optimum care from A to Z with Silcos

From the production of plastic blanks to the last coat on your ready-to-use component, we will advise you competently and expertly on every intermediate step. Since we have been investing considerable engineering and know-how in products for years, we are well prepared for any challenge that arises in the development process. As a result of our years of experience and orders from well known customers, we already have optimum solutions available before problems arise.

For our customers, we are a competent, flexible and reliable partner in the manufacture of matching components and the search for the optimum coating for your component.

Find out here how we support you

Find out here how we support you even before your project.
Trust our years of experience in this success decisive phase!

  1. 1. Expert advice
    Well advised right from the start!

    We accompany you through all your project phases, from prototypes to series production.

    Our consulting concept
  2. 2. Feasibility studies
    Analyse, identify risks, implement!
    In the context of a feasibility study, we analyse different approaches for you, identify possible risks and assess the success of your project. The scope of a feasibility study will be determined by your project.

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  3. 3. Prototypes & sample construction
    Quickly from the idea to series production!

    Accelerate the process of your project and benefit not only from the cost and time savings but also from the early check of the product features. We create prototypes as far as possible already in the original materials in order to draw possible close-to-production conclusions.

    Learn more about our Prototypes & sample construction
  4. 4. Development & simulation
    Have your project simulated to save costs and time!

    Take advantage of our many years of experience to implement your idea economically & reproducibly. We use finite elements, mould flow as well as light simulations, depending on the task.

    Let your projects take shape

Expert advice

Not a process, but a condition

We understand advice as being about providing you with information and expertise at every stage of your project, which is invaluable, for example, to make decisions or make improvements. Together we define the next steps and thus drive the project efficiently and successfully.

From the moulding to the complete component

Silcos acts as a system provider, managing the components from the task assignment to the prototype to the series - and supports its customers at all stages of development and throughout their lifecycle. This means: From the moulding to the complete component we are always by your side with our many years of experience and great know-how.

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“We do not have standard products - only customer specific components.”

Objectives of carrying out a feasibility study

  • Bad investments can thus be prevented
  • Identification of the best solution
  • Estimation of possible risks
  • Recommendation for a decision

Feasibility studies for plastic components

Testing new production processes and refinements in a quick and agile way

Silcos checks possible solutions for your project regarding their feasibility.

In the context of a feasibility study, we analyse different approaches for you, identify possible risks and assess the success of your project. We check whether we can fulfil the agreed project results (component geometries, coating areas, compliance with specifications) under the given framework with the solution approach considered.

The scope of a feasibility study is determined by your project.

The Silcos feasibility studies include several critical aspects. The technical feasibility, meaning the feasibility of a solution from a technical point of view. Here, criteria such as material properties or physical laws are the decisive factor. The economic feasibility, which is the meaningful and profitable use of the necessary funds for the implementation of the project.

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Prototypes & sample construction

Quick, quicker, Silcos

In the shortest possible time from the idea to ready for series production

To speed up your product development, we offer not only simulations, but also extremely fast and efficient production of samples, models and prototypes - both in terms of functionality and appearance. As a result, subsequent cost intensive optimisation steps are anticipated and accelerated.

Prototypes can be provided with new surfaces on the basis of existing components flexibly at any time as feasibility studies. This makes it easy to find the right technologies and, if necessary, to develop new processes to meet customer specific requirements.

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Advantages of prototyping and sample construction:

    • Product properties can be checked early
    • Expensive tools for pre-series are eliminated
    • Test samples available early
    • Close to production models (visual and functional models)
    • Early design review
    • Cost and time savings


Development & simulation

This is where your projects take shape

We design the development and simulation especially according to the innovative ideas and wishes of our customers.

Due to our many years of industry experience and our enormous pool of knowledge in relation to various technologies, with the necessary courage and vision we can innovate your idea and make it economically & reproducibly into reality.

  • Early design review
  • Cost and time savings
  • Both product development and tool design are supported by simulation and Finite Element Analysis (FEA)

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Ready, set, go! Our services during your project

Is your project in the starting blocks and ready for implementation? Learn more about our range of services in the project. From design & tooling to injection moulding to serial production and subsequent finishing, we can deliver everything from a single source.

Decide for yourself at which point of the process you would like to access our range of services.

Range of services in the project

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