Decorative and functional surface finishes in series production

We produce injection moulded plastic parts in series. Our coatings combine high quality design and functional applications.
With our wide ranging design & services spectrum, we deliver finished parts from a single source.

Metallisation of plastics

Plastic components with a wafer thin real metal layer. Painting and PVD metallisation

Chrom(VI)-free metallisation

Functional coatings

Scratch resistant coatings, conductive and non-conductive coatings and shatterproof metallisation

Functional coatings

Printing & marking

Pad printing, screen printing, digital printing and laser etching of plastic parts

Printing & marking

Painting of plastics

Innovative paint systems for perfect and durable high quality plastic surfaces.

Painting of plastics

Silcos is your complete solution provider for plastics and surfaces
Innovative technologies, efficient implementation, reliable support

Before the project

Our team of experts will be at your side with advice and assistance starting from before the actual production. Our advice is based on the expertise of experienced professionals and the prudence of professionals.

From the task assignment, to the prototype to the finished component.

  • Consultancy services

  • Feasibility studies

  • Development and simulation

  • Prototypes

  • Tool making
  • Qualification and validation
  • Mass production
  • Quality assurance


Development of new components

In the project

In every project phase you can rely on our many years of experience. From injection moulding to final finishing, the production of your components can be completely taken on by us.

We produce your component in efficient series production with innovative finishing options.

  • Design and tooling

  • Injection moulding

  • Mass production

  • Finishes


Mass production of plastic parts

All-round service

Reliability and service are not catchwords for us, rather they are corporate values that are based on practical requirements. We support you in every project phase with excellent service, which is adapted to your individual requirements. You can rely on us.

Reliable, in good hands before, during and after production.

  • IATF-16949 and ISO 14001 certified.
  • Project management

  • Quality assurance

  • Logistics


Silcos-all-round service

Metallic surfaces on plastic parts
REACH compliant and chrome (VI)-free

As a pioneer in the metallisation of plastic parts with PVD, we offer you two modern processes as an alternative to classic galvanisation. Fully compliant with REACH since 2008,i.e. without chrome (VI) and nickel-free.

Physical Vapour Deposition (PVD) – a decorative as well as functional technology to apply a very thin layer of metal to a variety of plastics and even flexible materials. Gloss, matt and on request with decorative or functional extensions.

In addition to the PVD process, we also offer chrome effect coatings as an alternative for matt surfaces.

Talk to our experts about which process is best for your project or order a sample.

  • The PVD procedure: PVD coating with chrome look

  • Chrome effect paints: PVD alternative for matt surfaces

Metallisation of Plastic

Design and information
Intelligent user interfaces

In particular, surfaces that have been metallised using the modern PVD process enable a whole range of additional highlights that go far beyond a mere metallic appearance.

Choosing the right technology has a significant impact on ensuring the desired functionality and features of the future component. The choice of technology must therefore be considered early in the project, so that all planned parameters are met and the full potential of an idea is achieved. As a technology partner we advise our customers very early in the project. What is your task?

In many comparatively new procedures, we already have a wealth of experience in a wide variety of projects. For example, these applications are implemented in series production together with leading manufacturers: 

  • 3D/depth effect
  • Selective backlighting
  • Switching elements in day/night design
  • Disappearing effect / Black panel effect / Secret til lit:
    Function is only displayed when required (metallic surface)
  • What is your idea?


More about design & information

Functional coatings
Modification or extension of surface properties

Our functional coatings are usually used in combination with decorative coatings. Our scratch resistant coating, for example, makes decorative finishing of particularly stressed components durable and abrasion resistant.

The metallic coatings produced with the PVD process can be adjusted in terms of their conductivity, which is an important parameter for remote keys, for example.

We offer a variety of functional coatings for plastic parts, ask our experts for the solution for your component.


  • Scratch resistant coatings
  • Variable conductivity
  • Shatterproof coating
  • Non-conductive, metallic decoration of capacitive sensor surfaces

To Functional coatings

Printing & marking
Individual design options

By using various printing processes and laser etching we decorate your component according to your individual wishes, e.g. for intelligent information interfaces.

As a surface specialist, we always ensure a long lasting and precise result.

Combinations of the different methods for printing and marking plastic parts are also possible, depending on the requirements.

  • Pad printing

  • Screen printing

  • Digital printing

  • Laser etching

To printing & marking

High quality appearance, abrasion resistant, individually adjustable properties

With innovative and specially developed paint systems, we refine plastic parts with a high quality appearance such as with high gloss or matt finishes.

We also influence additional functions for the protection of your plastic components with special coatings. This allows us to offer you advantages such as particularly high scratch and abrasion resistance or a special feel.

Thanks to a prior surface treatment and a painting process adapted to the requirements, we ensure a long lasting and optimum result.

  • Chrome effect paints: Matt chrome look
  • Piano lacquer: High gloss on plastic surfaces
  • Functional coatings

Painting of plastic parts

Chromium (VI)-free manufacture

We have been producing REACH compliant chrome replacement processes since 2008 and are committed to components that are environmentally friendly and harmless to health. We are ISO 14001 and ISO 50001 certified.

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