Surfaces with desired properties
Our coatings combine decorative and functional applications

When it comes to the requirements of plastic surfaces in terms of shape and function, these have increased enormously in recent years. Surfaces not only have to be visually convincing, but above all they have to fulfil functional aspects. We have a wide range of services with a wide variety of processes.

Scratch resistant

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Silmade® Hard Coat
Scratch resistant coatings on high gloss surfaces

Convincing appearance, durable and scratch resistant
Deep black, fire red, crystal clear or a metallised surface - visually and functionally sophisticated surfaces in a high gloss finish provide highlights in vehicle interiors and on user interfaces. In order to maintain the effect in the long term just as on the first day, above all, stressed surfaces must be additionally protected against scratches, abrasion and other environmental influences. Particularly in the case of heavily used surfaces in the automotive industry, but also in the area of consumer goods, white goods and life science products, there is a great demand for robust and high quality surface coatings.

Silmade® Hard Coat
Our Silmade® Hard Coat coating is applied as a finish on plastic parts by a painting process. The high transparency of the coating gives your component a high quality appearance while protecting against mechanical stress, environmental influences and chemicals. With the Silmade® Hard Coat coating, we help both 2D and 3D geometries to achieve above average scratch and abrasion resistance while at the same time being less vulnerable to fingerprints.

Innovative jig and machine concepts make for economical production of small and large batches Consistent process control and 100% visual final inspection of the components ensure the highest quality of the products.


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  • Above average scratch and abrasion resistance
  • High quality appearance due to high transparency
  • 3D and 2D geometries
  • Extremely good resistance to chemicals and weathering
  • Different plastic substrates e.g. PC, PC/ABS, PA
  • Protection of highly transparent or coloured injection moulded parts, painted or Silmade® PVD coated surfaces


Variable electrical conductivity

Perfectly adjusted to your component

Some components pose further functional requirements for metallised surfaces. Car keys, for example, must have a high value in terms of tactile and visual appearance, be durable and resistant to abrasion and, in addition, the coating must not influence the radio signal.

In our PVD process, we therefore precisely adjust the electrical conductivity to customer requirements and reduce or increase it as required. With our process, we can produce conductive layers for shielding, dissipation of electrostatic or as an EMC layer, as well as high resistance layers, which hardly influence radio, radar and sensors.

Which electrical conductivity should your metallised surface possess?

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Shatterproof coating

Guaranteed safety in a high gloss appearance

Our metallised surfaces not only impress with their high quality appearance, but also guarantee the highest level of safety when used in vehicle interiors.

An absolutely shatterproof coating is a prerequisite for metallised emblems that are attached to airbags. This is possible thanks to our specially developed process. In this process, a wafer thin metal layer is applied to a thermoplastic material by a PVD process. The metal layer is so flexible that it neither shatters nor peels off when the airbag is triggered and the component bursts. In short: There is no risk of injury from flying particles or metal parts.

All other desired properties such as appearance, resistance to chemicals and scratch and abrasion resistance are ensured by a corresponding protective coating.

  • absolutely shatterproof
  • free from chrome(VI), nickel, copper
  • resistant to chemicals
  • scratch and abrasion resistant

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