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Day/night design coatings

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Partially transparent coatings

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depth effect

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Day/night design
Full functionality and high quality appearance

With the assistance of the PVD process, impressive visual highlights such as day/night design can be achieved. As a result of its photometric properties the base material for the moulding is often transparent to partially transparent PC (polycarbonate). The quality of the subsequent refinement of the moulding depends on this, because only a perfect surface guarantees a perfect coating.
That is why at Silcos we invest considerable know-how in our mould making.

A base coat is applied on the plastic moulding and then it is coated with the PVD layer. Then we partially remove the previously applied PVD layer and the base coat by means of a laser, so that the component can be backlit later. As a finish, we apply a top coat, which determines the degree of gloss (from high gloss to semi-matt). The paint is resistant to abrasion and scratching and guarantees the longevity of the component.

The result is a component that is backlit (at night) and has a different design than when it is illuminated by ambient light (during the day).

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Partially transparent coatings
Only show what is really needed

With partially transparent coatings, intelligent solutions for well arranged user interfaces can be produced. This creates the so-called disappearance effect, also known as Black panel effect or Secret till lit function.

Partially transparent, wafer thin PVD coatings are applied to PC substrates. By means of suitable backlighting, only the operating or warning symbols which are currently required are displayed on the metallic surface, the remaining ones stay hidden.

This creates an easy to read and reduced user interface.

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Selective coating
Purposefully set highlights

Decorative and functional elements in chrome look are the means of choice to establish high quality accents in the vehicle interior. The PVD process offers numerous individual design options. The material of the original components and their function specify the possible technologies.

Through targeted masking, all of our finishes, including metallisation in the PVD process, can be partially applied to a component.

  • Masking
  • Also a combination of different finishes (matt and gloss on one component)
  • Can be combined with colours and lacquers
  • High positioning and reproducibility

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3D / depth effect
The illusion of a metallic insert

Something new from Silcos
We have combined various existing technologies into a new process, creating an absolutely realistic 3D / depth effect in transparent plastic components made of polycarbonate, silicone or Plexiglas.
The new process is much simpler and therefore more cost efficient than existing processes.

With the right base materials and corresponding protective coatings, the component can be produced to meet the specific requirements of the automotive industry regarding temperature range, abrasion and scratch resistance, chemical resistance and UV resistance.

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