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Siloptics® Flexilight homogeneous light guides

Flexible, flat light guide with homogeneous illumination

Luminous surfaces play a significant role in modern control and informational surfaces such as in vehicle interiors. Due to complex geometries or lack of space, developers are constantly faced with challenges in the implementation of design requirements. A new development called “FlexiLight” has advanced the limit of what is technically feasible. Our joint development, in cooperation with the Austrian silicone injection moulding manufacturer Starlim, has been awarded the first place at the Johann Puch Automotive Award 2017.

Our vision: A homogeneously luminous surface that is flexible in all directions due to its low depth.
Our solution: Siloptics® Flexilight, an innovative flat light guide made of silicone.

The task

  • Flexible light guide with homogeneous illumination
  • Highly abrasion and scratch resistant
  • Low depth, yet break proof
  • Easy to clean surface, less dirt and dust adhesion
  • Lightfast, impermeable to water
  • Can be combined with other surfaces such as leather, fleece...
  • Appearance freely designable, 3D design possible


The material properties of silicone form the cornerstone for our Siloptics® Flexilight, which is unbreakable, shatter proof, temperature resistant and water impermeable. The closed surface of the Flexilight is not only easy to clean, but is equally combinable with other surfaces and free in its individual design. To achieve the required flexibility in all directions, the Flexilight consists of a flat silicone body, whose dimensions are freely adjustable up to a maximum size of 60x60cm. The silicone body is homogeneously illuminated over the entire surface during operation. It produces a soft and diffused light optimised for background and ambient lighting.

  • Development of Flexilight with integrated, highly transparent silicone
  • Homogeneous light decoupling for even surface illumination
  • Decoration of the surface by printing or painting and laser etching
  • Closed surfaces
  • Bonding of materials to the surface possible
  • Can be combined with Silmade® Low Friction coating


There is no such thing as “can’t” We prove this to ourselves and our customers day after day.
With considerable development commitment and know-how, we have developed the Siloptics® Flexilight, a flexible surface light that, due to its positive features, offers a wide range of uses. It is not just limited to use in vehicle interiors. Due to its impact resistance, temperature, frost and UV resistance as well as the sterilisability of the silicone, it is also ideally suited for other uses.

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