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Siloptics® Black Chrome PVD coating

PVD surfaces in black chrome look

The Siloptics® PVD colours can be used to reproduce chrome finishes for surfaces in various colour effects.
In addition to brilliant metallic chrome tones, PVD surfaces can also be produced in black chrome for automotive interiors. Our specially developed PVD colours: Siloptics Siramics023, Siloptics Titanium, Siloptics Rose Gold, Siloptics Black Chrome fit seamlessly into modern designs and match many different ambient colours.
Metallised surfaces not only bring a shine to the component, they add value enhancing highlights and provide a sophisticated sense of space.

Shatterproof coating - Guaranteed safety in a high gloss appearance
In addition to the attractive look, our Siloptics® Black chrome PVD coating offers guaranteed safety. The metal layer is applied so thinly to the plastic part that it does not shatter, for example, when an airbag is deployed.

The task

  • Brilliant metallic looking Siloptics®Black Chrome PVD coating
  • Suitable for automotive, shatterproof
  • Suitable for multiple ambient colours
  • Temperature range from -40°C to +85°C
  • Chemical and scratch resistance


PVD stands for Physical Vapour Deposition. In the process, particles dissolved in a vacuum by ion bombardment are applied to the surface of the plastic component as a wafer thin layer of pure metal. This homogeneous metal layer can be adjusted in thickness and is suitable for most types of plastic. The result looks and feels almost like the result of a classic galvanisation process.

Our own development Siloptics® Black chrome blends seamlessly into an upmarket automotive interior, providing elegance and gracefulness to any interior with its shine.


Our innovative fixture and process system concept guarantees you economical production of small and large series.

  • Tool design by means of filling studies
  • Chrome-6 free real metal PVD nano-coating, which does not shatter during airbag deployment
  • Development of the PVD colour Siloptics® Blackchrome
  • Fully automatic painting with high precision dosing systems
  • An innovative fixture and process system concept for economical production for small and large series


Metallised components on steering wheels were not possible for a long time because of the risk of shattering. With the Siloptics® Blackchrome PVD coating, we avoid the risk of shattering by metallising the emblem only with a wafer thin layer. The scratch and abrasion resistance is ensured by a corresponding protective coating.

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