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Silmade® NCVM PVD coating

Innovative technology for PVD coatings of automotive keys

Our work of art, small and compact. Of course, the key to a luxury automobile should have a feel and appearance that reflects the value of the car. We refine keys with partial chrome surfaces that are scratch proof, abrasion resistant and chemical resistant. And lately, due to the necessity of so called non-conductive materials (NCVM), which is an electrically non-conductive chrome surface, Silmade® NCVM PVD coating is the first choice.

The task

  • Look and feel that reflect the value of the car
  • Selective chrome look
  • Long service life
  • High scratch resistance
  • Electrically non-conductive chrome surface
  • Abrasion and chemical resistance


In our PVD process, we adjust the electrical conductivity precisely to customer requirements and reduce or increase it as required. With our process, we can produce conductive layers for shielding, dissipation of electrostatic or as an EMC layer, as well as high resistance layers, which hardly influence radio, radar and sensors.

Our innovative fixture, masking and process system concept is suitable for both small and large series.

  • Silmade PVD Coating in Chrome look
  • Electrically non-conductive (NCVM non-conductive vacuum metallisation)
  • UV clear coat with very high scratch resistance
  • Masking of parts of the component not to be coated
  • Creation of injection moulds
  • An innovative fixture, masking and system concept for economical production
  • Certified according to TS16949 und ISO14001


Silmade® NCVM PVD coating for automotive keys
High quality look and feel, adjustable conductivity and above average scratch resistance - convince yourself of our Silmade® NCVM PVD coating and ask about your project.

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