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Silmade® Low Friction – Silicone surfaces

Innovative coating for a reduced coefficient of friction

Silicone is valued and used because of its properties such as its high elasticity - at both high and low temperatures. However, the high coefficient of friction of the material silicone (COF) often causes problems. Previous coating methods for friction coefficient reduction had a negative effect on the flexibility of the silicone part. Due to the high coefficient of friction, protective coatings do not adhere well to the surface and rub off quickly. The solution to this problem is the Silmade® Low Friction coating.

The task

  • Highly abrasion resistant protective coating
  • Reduce the coefficient of friction of silicone
  • Highly flexible and elastic
  • Low dirt and dust adhesion
  • Lightfast, waterproof
  • Good adhesion properties


The polyurethane based refinement Silmade® Low-Friction has greatly reduced coefficients of friction and remains highly flexible. Thanks to a special surface pretreatment by Silcos, a very good adhesion property between the coating and the silicone surface is achieved. The refined silicone parts are waterproof, lightfast and highly abrasion resistant.

  • Coefficient of friction is reduced up to 70%
  • Good adhesion between the silicone surface and polyurethane lacquer
  • Highly abrasion and scratch resistant
  • Highly flexible and elastic
  • Temperature stable up to 110°C, for a short time even higher
  • Certified according to DIN ISO 10995-5 and DIN ISO 10993-10


The Silmade® Low Friction coating is a polyurethane based finish that has greatly reduced friction and yet is highly flexible. 3D mouldings, silicone foams and extrudates coated with the Silmade® Low Friction process are particularly durable due to their high scratch and abrasion resistance.

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