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Shatterproof trim ring for steering wheel emblem in PVD

PVD coating on shatterproof trim ring and emblem

The chrome (VI)-free real metal PVD nano-coating convinces with its value and the fact that shattering is prevented when the airbag is deployed and no sharp edges are created. The trim ring for the airbag cover, with the REACH compliant PVD nano-coating, is abrasion resistant, detergent resistant and temperature resistant from -40°C to + 85°C.

The task

  • No shattering of the metal layer during the airbag deployment
  • Chrome (VI)- free chrome surface – REACH compliant
  • High value
  • Temperature range from -40°C to +105°C
  • Weldable, abrasion resistant and scratch resistant
  • Climate change test, hydrolysis, lightfast
  • Tests according to TL226; DBL7384; GS 97xxx


An absolutely shatterproof coating is a prerequisite for metallised emblems that are attached to airbags. This is possible thanks to our specially developed process. In this process, a wafer thin metal layer is applied to a thermoplastic material in a PVD process. The metal layer is so flexible that it neither shatters nor peels off when the airbag is deployed and the component bursts. In short: There is no risk of injury from flying particles or metal parts.


  • Tooling-linked split line without sink marks in the visible area
  • Chrome-6 free real metal PVD nano-coating, which does not shatter when the airbag is deployed
  • Special thermoplastic material
  • Fully automatic application of coating layers with high precision dosing systems
  • Exact and reproducible process chain


Our metallised surfaces not only impress with their high quality appearance, but also guarantee the highest level of safety when used in vehicle interiors.
All other desired properties such as appearance, resistance to chemicals and scratch and abrasion resistance are ensured by a corresponding protective coating.

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