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Digital printing on silicone

High quality printing on silicone mouldings

Digital printing on silicone maintains the high flexibility of the material. The method enables direct processing of digital artwork - investment in clichés, screens or pads is not necessary. Digital printing is the ideal way to print your silicone mouldings individually, down to a batch size of 1. After printing, we apply a highly abrasion resistant and flexible protective lacquer to the silicone surface. On request, we also integrate search and function lighting on the printed silicone surfaces.

The task

  • High quality look and feel
  • Multiple colours in one printing process
  • Batch size 1
  • Direct processing of digital data such as: Photo, logo, text and image
  • Robust in use, mechanical abrasion resistance
  • Water and cleaning agent resistant

Basic requirements for data

  • Formats: *pdf / *tiff / *tif
  • Resolution in dpi (ppi)
  • Resolution for photos at least 150 dpi, for graphics min. 600 dpi in final format
  • From 200 dpi (ppi) good picture quality
  • Direct processing of digital data such as: Photo, logo, text and image
  • Data should be sent in original size or as a vector graphic for customisation
  • Substrate: white, flat silicone moulding
  • Digital industrial full surface printing process in “True colour” quality
  • The flexibility of the base material is retained
  • Direct processing of digital artwork, no investment in clichés, screens or pads necessary
  • Possibility for individualisation
  • Short delivery times possible
  • Can be combined with Siloptics® Flexilight homogeneous light guides


Multi-coloured, solid and durable
Convincing quality, multiple colours in one printing process, or direct processing of digital data such as photos, logos, texts or pictures - with our digital printing we fulfil all requirements of a suitable printing process for silicone mouldings. Additionally, the moulding after printing is robust in use, scratch and abrasion resistant and resistant to chemicals, cleaning agents and water.

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